Improving Access to Drinking Water through Solar Water Lifting Project" at Bhalumara Village Marin, Sindhuli

  • Posted on October 13, 2022

The project proposes to introduce a solar lifting system to lift groundwater from the riverbank to approx. 30-35 meters elevation and distribute across 1 km radius area. The proposed project will demonstrate a diverse scope of renewable energy technology by contributing to developing a drinking water system that is powered by solar energy. Integration of renewable energy technology like solar water lifting will contribute to increase the share of renewables in the national energy mix. There are several international commitments of the Government of Nepal such as Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in which the project can address for some extend. The electricity in the area is being distributed by KalpabrikshyaSamudayikGraminBidhutikaranUpabhoktaSahakariSanstha Ltd. (community rural electrification entity: CREE) through 50 KVA transformer which is merely enough for domestic usage for more than 170 households. The available infrastructure does not permit use of small or a community scale water-lifting pump within the village. As many energy-based enterprises are being operated, there is a need for renewable energy technology intervention along with a filtration system to solve the drinking water scarcity issue of the Bhalumara residents.

Project Supported by: WWF

Project Duration: May– December 2022

Project Budget: NPR. 4, 937,707

Project Location: Bhalumara Village located in Marin Rural Municipality-3, Sindhuli District, Bagmati Province, Nepal.

Project Target Groups: 110 Households 507 inhabitants (256 male, 251 female).

Project Activities:

• Project information sharing at the Marin Rural Municipality Office

• Conduct Detailed Feasibility Study (DFS)

• Assessment of water table for construction of the well

• Procurement and Bidding Process

• Construction of well

• Water Sample test

• Installation of water lifting system

• Bookkeeping, operation, repair and maintenance training

• Management of the drinking water supply system

 • Demonstration visit

• Progress Report and Final Report