RTKC Nepal

  • Posted on February 28, 2021


Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal (CRT/N) is a partner of the Global Alliance for Clean Cook stoves (GACC), a public-private initiative led by the United Nations Foundation (UNF) to save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women and preserve the environment by creating a thriving global market for clean cooking solutions.

The project is a part of GACC’s strategy to strengthen the cook stoves sector’s ability to evaluate, communicate, improve performance of cook stoves and fuels and thus improve adoption of clean cook stoves. In line with GACC’s mission RTKC Nepal is dedicated to improve the testing facility and provide quality service to stove stakeholders and extend its service to the regional level regarding capacity building, stoves testing, forming National Standards on Cook stoves Performance Testing and harmonizing with International Standards.

RTKC Nepal was selected for development of Business Plan by GACC in 2015 which has been instrumental in becoming sustainable center so far. Not only Cook stoves testing RTKC has been undertaking lab and field researches on bio-energy technologies and socio-economic perspectives of the bio-energy projects and for its sustainability and extended horizon.

Vision: To be the region’s experts in research, testing and development of bio-energy products & services.

Mission: To Improve Technology, communicate performance and promote sales and adoption of clean cooking devices and support the process of standardization in the country and the globe.


  • Enhance testing capacity of RTKC mapping to the International Standard Organization (ISO), International Workshop Agreement (IWA) Tiers of Performance.
  • Establish effective knowledge dissemination and networking with other Stove Testing and Knowledge Centres at the national and regional level.
  • Advocate and support to Government of Nepal’s mission on “Clean Cooking Solutions for All by2017” implemented by the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC).
  • Modify / upgrade stove designs and develop clean cook stoves technology.
  • Offer testing and monitoring services to organizations at national and regional level.
  • Support ISO TC 285: Clean Cookstoves and Clean Cooking Technology in standardformation andadvocate for National standard in compliance with the international standard.
  • Pave way to enhance the centre’s service menu to other environmental services such as stack emissions monitoring, validating carbon projects; institutional energy audits etc.


Development Partners (Funding agencies):

Global Alliance for Clean Cook stoves (GACC) led by United Nations Foundation (UNF)

Partner Organizations:

More than 30 organizations globally have already benefited by RTKC Nepal Service within the country and abroad for RTKC services and Collaborative projects by now.

Project Duration

Second phase Capacity Building grants from UNF GACC ended on March 2015. It is functioning as the Research and Development unit of bio-energy sector and has been undertaking few short term research projects.

Project Area

Field researches are most often in remote areas where biomass energy is a crucial part of people’s life while the short term lab research is based in the lab in Kathmandu. The clients are global.


RTKC Nepal has been working with the number of National and International Organizations. Most of the time, the research testing clients are stove manufacturers, stove program implementers, research institutions and universities. The ultimate beneficiaries are the bio-energy stakeholders in the value chain.

Key Achievements

  • RTKC Guiding Business Plan for its sustainability has been operational.
  • Cook stoves Laboratory with Quality Assurance guarantee, trained staff members and ability to monitor black carbon including PM2.5, CO, CO2 and thermal efficiencies of biomass fuel using stoves.
  • Field monitoring of emissions and other researches.
  • Ability to calibrate the gas sensors in the lab.
  • Supporting national/international developments on ISO TC 285: Clean Cook stoves and Clean Cooking Solutions through National Mirror Committee.